Flahavan’s almond and coconut porridge
Flahavan’s Overnight Irish Breakfast Shake
Flahavan’s fruit and nut porridge
French Toast with a Twist
Rhubarb and Star Anise Marmalade
Creamy Quark Porridge with Honeyed Berries
Turkish egg toast
Harissa Fried Eggs
Day After Porridge Pancakes with Grilled Honey and Orange Figs
Mango and Peach Granola Breakfast
Buckwheat Porridge
Apple Rings
Chia Pudding
Sweet Potato Waffles with Mixed Berries and Maple Syrup
Creamy Pear Porridge with Berries and Chia Seeds
Poached Eggs with Tomato and Coriander
Fluffy Banana and Sweetcorn Fritters with Avocado and Roasted Baby Tomatoes
Princes Kipper Brunch with Spinach and Poached Eggs
Udi’s Gluten Free Ultimate Cooked Breakfast
CO YO, Banana and Walnut Pots
Omelette with Smoked Salmon
Turkey and Vegetable Breakfast Frittata
Baked Eggs with Jamón, Peas and Tomato
Flahavan’s Chocolate and Orange Porridge with Hazelnut Milk