BBQ Beef Burger with Crabbie’s Spiced Salsa

Serves: 4

You will need

1Kg of Beef mince
2 large chopped shallots
2tbs of chopped capers
2tbs of chopped cornichons
2tbs of chopped tarragon
4 Brioche buns
Red onion, rocket
200g of Blue Murder, or other blue cheese.

For the Crabbie’s Salsa:

200ml Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer
6 large tomatoes
2 red onions
10g tarragon
50g ketchup
Splash of Tabasco
Splash of Lea & Perrins. 


For the Crabbie’s Salsa

1 Reduce the Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer by 2/3 set aside to cool.

2 Chop the tomatoes and red onion into small dice, chop the tarragon and place all ingredients into a large bowl, mix and season. 

3 For the burger mix the beef mince with shallots, capers, cornichons and tarragon, season with salt and pepper.

4 Weigh out 5oz of mix, press down into a burger shape and repeat three times.

5 Cook the burgers on the bbq for approx 6 mins each side.

6 Cut 50g of blue murder and place on top of the burgers and let it melt on the grill.

7 Toast the brioche on the bbq, place the rocket and sliced red onion on the bun, finish by putting burger in bun and serve.

Optional: substitute the bun with a portabello mushroom.

Recipe courtesy of Crabbie's

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