Summer in Bloom

You will need

37.5ml Pinkster gin
12.5ml St. Germain (or any elderflower liqueur/cordial)
12.5ml Monin Rose (or just normal sugar syrup)
25ml Apple juice
12.5ml Lemon juice
5 Rose petals
3 Cucumber slices
50ml Prosecco


1 Place cucumber and rose petals in a tall (sling) glass before all other ingredients.

2 Add all ingredients and top with Prosecco. Be sure to top with Prosecco to only half way up the glass to avoid spillage.

3 Add crushed ice and churn all ingredients with a bar spoon or a soda spoon, allowing the cucumber and rose petals to spread up the glass.

4 Garnish with cucumber slices and a rose. 

(This cocktail can be made with mint leaves instead of cucumber if preferred)

Recipe courtesy of Pinkster Gin. You must be 18+ to drink. Find out more here - drink responsibly.