Mexican-style Tofu, Avocado & Sweetcorn Salsa

Serves: 2

You will need

120g cherry tomatoes
120g sweetcorn
1 avocado
1 lime
1 tbsp Mindful Chef Mexican spice mix
200g sweet potato
2 tsp chipotle paste
300g firm tofu
40g spinach
4 tsp oil


1. Preheat the oven to 200C / gas mark 6. Leaving the skin on, cut the sweet potato into 1cm cubes, toss with 1/2 tbsp oil and a pinch of sea salt. Place in the oven for 20-25 mins until turning golden, turning halfway through cooking.

2. Meanwhile, drain and rinse the tofu. Pat dry with paper towel. Cut the block of tofu in half horizontally and cut into triangles. In a bowl, mix the Mexican spice mix with 1/2 tbsp oil and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. Cover the tofu evenly in this spiced oil.

3. Heat a large frying pan on a medium-high heat and fry the tofu for 10-15 mins, turning occasionally until golden brown. Then drain the sweetcorn and add to the pan with the tofu, cook for a further 3 mins until turning golden.

4. Meanwhile, cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Roughly chop the spinach leaves.

5. Peel and de-stone the avocado and place in a bowl. Crush with a fork and add a pinch of sea salt and black pepper and 1/4 of the juice from the lime, mix well.

6. In a small bowl, mix the chipotle paste with the remaining lime juice and 1/2 tbsp oil to form a dressing. Reserve half of this dressing. Add the cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn to this bowl to make a quick salsa.

7. Spoon the spinach into two warm bowls, top with the sweet potato and the sweetcorn salsa. Then arrange the tofu over the top and drizzle over the remaining chipotle dressing.

8. Serve alongside the crushed avocado.

Recipe courtesy of Mindful Chef

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