Open Toasted SPAM® with Bacon and Brie Sandwich with Cranberry Jelly

You will need

1 340g of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham With Bacon
1 pack of four muffins
50g/2oz Butter or low fat spread
150g-200g/6-8oz creamy brie - cut into 8 slices 
8 teaspoons cranberry jelly (or fruit chutney if preferred)
Black pepper to serve (optional)


1 Split the muffins in half and place under a hot grill until very lightly toasted.

2 Lightly spread the toasted muffin halves with butter or low fat spread.

3 Cut the SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham With Bacon into 8 slices and then cut each slice in half, giving you 16 quarters.

4 Place two quarters of the SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham With Bacon on top of the toasted muffin.

5 Remove the skin from the slices of Brie and top each muffin with a piece of the Brie and place all 8 muffin halves on to a baking sheet. Place under the hot grill until the Brie is just starting to melt and bubble

6 Take the muffins out from under the grill and top each one with a teaspoonful of cranberry jelly. Sprinkle with black pepper and serve hot.

Recipe courtesy of SPAM®