Be a HomeStyle cover star

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the leading face of a top publication, now could be your chance! We’re on the hunt for the very best home makeovers in the UK to grace the pages of our magazine – so if you think your home fits the bill, we'd love to hear from you. Simply email a picture of yourself in your favourite room to along with some photos of your home.

We chat to April cover girl Bronwen Hughes to find out about her experience with HomeStyle.

What was it like having your home photographed for HomeStyle?

It was a fun experience and one I won’t forget any time soon. Having our kitchen photographed for a magazine makes me feel very proud of what we have achieved with the house! 

What was your favourite part of having your home photographed for HomeStyle? 

One of my favourite things about being photographed for Homestyle was being able to see our kitchen from a different point of view. When you live in a space every day you become used to it and take it for granted, but when people are styling and photographing it, you see things in a different light and it makes you fall in love with it again! Also, discussing the stages of the renovation project with the team was great as it allowed me to reflect on the good and bad parts again.

How did you prepare for the shoot? 

To prepare for the shoot we completed a couple of little tasks that had been hanging around on the to-do list (which is always a great feeling). I made sure the kitchen was clean and tidy too, it had to be looking its best! I stocked up on coffee, tea and biscuits also, chatting and posing for photos can be thirsty work!

Did you learn anything from the photographer?

Angles are everything! Our kitchen can be a difficult space to photograph so it was interesting to see a professional’s take on it. I learnt a few little tricks that I’ve been using on my renovation and interiors instagram page @made_by_bred

What advice would you give to future HomeStyle cover stars? 

Relax and enjoy it so you can take it all in. It’s such an fun and exciting experience, there’s no point worrying about little things not being 100% perfect as the pros will take care of that for you.

Photos by Olly Gordon

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