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If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the leading face of a top publication, now could be your chance! We’re on the hunt for the very best home makeovers in the UK to grace the pages of our magazine – so if you think your home fits the bill, we'd love to hear from you. Simply email a picture of yourself in your favourite room to along with some photos of your home.

We chat to February cover girl Rachael Taylor to find out about her experience with HomeStyle.

What was it like having your home photographed for HomeStyle?

It was so fun! As a working designer and interiors fanatic it really was such a creative and highly enjoyable experience for me.

What was your favourite part of having your home photographed for HomeStyle?

Seeing my home in a different light especially from the photographer’s perspective. It also reminded me of the amount of work that went into the house and how lovely it is because at times we can all naturally take our home for granted.


How did you prepare for the shoot?

I spent a good couple of days on an intense deep clean and had a general tidy up. I sourced dried and fresh flowers and made sure I had extra styling props to hand. As I've styled photoshoots through my creative business I didn't stress about the finer details too much as I ultimately knew that objects and furniture may be shuffled around to achieve the best images.


Did you learn anything from the photographer?

Colin Poole was wonderful and incredibly experienced, he was great at styling which helped to improve my own creative styling skills especially when it came to getting the best out of the natural lighting around the house.


What advice would you give to future HomeStyle cover stars?

Try not to be too precious about any items being repositioned; the photographer will always want to achieve the best images to celebrate your home. Have a pamper the day before and pick out an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in. Think about the colours that you choose to wear too, do they sit nicely alongside the vibe of your space etc. Have snacks and drinks at the ready – it's a fab day but it can be tiring. Smile, have fun and enjoy as it's a great experience.

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Feature by Richard Webber / photos by Colin Poole

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