Were you one of the 41% who carried out the spring clean?

Posted: 24th May 2019

So, we have to ask - did you carry out the spring clean this year?

If you didn't, you're one of many, as a survey of 1,015 UK adults, carried out by AppliancesDirect.co.uk, found that only 41 per cent actually conducted the annual big clean.

So, what was the reason 59 per cent of us gave for not giving the big clean a go? Well, 44 per cent gave a rather underwhelming response - they, frankly, didn't know what cleaning tasks they should be doing.

For another 37 per cent, it was because they didn't know what the spring clean actually meant, while 35 per cent gave a more understandable response of lacking the time to carry the chores out.

27 per cent said they needed help with their spring cleaning, while for a lucky 19 per cent, it was because they felt their home didn't actually need to be cleaned.

Then, the study looked into the tasks that Brits were avoiding, with dusting the skirting boards (14 per cent), washing bedroom pillows (11 per cent) and vacuuming air vents (7 per cent) all proving to be unpopular.

Conversely, despite many of us didn't carry out a big clean, 43 per cent said they felt stressed by the state of their homes.

Commenting on it, Mark Kelly, marketing manager at AppliancesDirect.co.uk, said: "Surprisingly there are still many of us who don’t know how to effectively do our annual spring clean and even some that don’t know what the meaning of the spring clean actually is, despite it being a longstanding British tradition.

“It is clear that Britons are leading busier lives than ever before, but it is important to stay on top of the spring clean and the task does only come around once every year. Perhaps by separating the spring cleaning chores into smaller chunks among the whole family it can be more manageable and easier for many of us. It also doesn’t have to be dull, why not make it more enjoyable by playing music while doing these tasks?”