This is the main cause of arguments for millennials buying a home

Posted: 10th Jun 2019

Can you guess what the main cause of arguments are for millennial couples who are taking their first step onto the property ladder?

You may think it would be money worries - wrong! You could think it's arguing over the cleaning - wrong! In fact, it's been found that couples are mainly arguing over the shade they'll use on their walls, and when indecision reigns, couples are turning to their parents to provide advice on how they can break the deadlock.

The study, commissioned by Heritage Bathrooms, quizzed over 1,000 new millennial homeowners, and found it is decorating and furnishings that are the primary cause of arguments, with 35 per cent saying these proved to be the most frequent incendiary issue. Following this was money worries, which got 16 per cent of the votes, with cleaning rows following hot on its heels (15 per cent).

The study then found a badly styled bathroom typically lasts less than a year, and, normally, gets ripped out within nine months. When it comes down to it, millennial house buyers are primarily looking for monochrome scheme, with 42 per cent opting against brighter colours and instead preferring a black and white scheme.

With regards to the bathroom, white is the classic look that can't be beaten for many of us, with only nine per cent saying they would turn their nose up at it. The monochrome black proved to be an unexpected curveball style, as only 11 per cent saying they would avoid it.

Then, as they asked about the must haves for a dream bathroom, luxury rainfall showers get 38 per cent, perhaps because they offer a much-needed spa like escape for a stressed-out generation.

Commenting on the results, Charlie Williams, Interior Designer at Heritage Bathrooms, said: "It’s really interesting to see the key challenges and values that young people have when it comes to their first home."

"The study shows that, despite common assumptions, young people do value to the opinions of the older generation when it comes to interior styling suggesting that more traditional features are still valued. But be careful if you’re selling your home – it would seem outdated features could have a more detrimental effect on pushing the sale through than you might expect."

"Our advice to those looking to sell their home would be to make sure that key spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen are up to date and look their best. An updated bath or shower might seem like a major expense, but it clearly makes all the difference to first-time millennial house-hunters."