'There were so many finishing touches that we’d never got round to doing'

Posted: 30th May 2019

What did June cover star, Maria Clay, make of her HomeStyle experience? Well, we find out here...

What was it like having your home photographed for HomeStyle?

It was great fun, however a little nerve-racking. The team were amazing and it was brilliant spending the day alongside them, watching the stylists work their magic.

What was your favourite part of having your home photographed for HomeStyle

Meeting the team and getting some great styling tips!

How did you prepare for the shoot? 

I had quite a bit of work to do to be honest. There was so many finishing touches that we’d never got round to doing. It was great because it meant we finally completed all the odd jobs that otherwise would have been left for a further three months or so!

Did you learn anything from the photographer?

We chatted about the photos I take for my Insta business. He taught me some great tips for taking photos with iPhones.

What advice would you give to future HomeStyle cover stars? 

Go with the flow, have fun and enjoy the day! 

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Feature and styling by Becca Green / assisted by Nicole Howarth / photos by Simon Whitmore