The 5 steps to having the ultimate vegan picnic

Posted: 23rd May 2019

Now that we're approaching the summer months, many of us will be thinking of spending as much time outdoors as possible - especially with a Bank Holiday weekend approaching

With plant-based diets proving to be an increasingly popular option, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying a delicious vegan feast.

If you're planning to enjoy a delicious vegan picnic this summer, we've spoken to Niki Webster, founder of vegan and no BS blog Rebel Recipes, who is sharing some unmissable ways of creating just that...

1. Dippable dips

Begin by pre-making your dip the night before and then, add a few spoonfuls into an ice-cube tray and let it freeze. The next day, just before heading out, add the frozen dip cubes into the tub where you're storing the rest of the dip. Then, when you're ready to eat, stir the melted cold dip in - it should stay cool and dip-able!

2. Mix it up

It's always disappointing when you open up your salad and find it's gone limp. You can get around this by mixing it up at the last minute, just before you plan to eat. Transfer the ingredients into separate Tupperware containers (you can pair similarly textured foods together) and put your dressing in a small bottle. Then, when you're ready to eat, put your food, including the dressing, into a tupperware container with a lid, and give it a shake to mix it together.

3. Banishing the sogginess

Soggy sandwiches are always a firm no-go. You can avoid this by toasting the bread slightly, prior to assembling - just make sure you remove it from the toaster or grill before it goes golden. You then have a barrier and it prevents it from becoming a soggy mess.

4. Avoid the packaging

If there's a chance of avoiding it, don't put your food into a container which can result in excess moisture escaping the dishes - otherwise, this gives you a wet mess - appetizing. Instead, wrap the products in string / twine or newspaper. If you have any home-made tarts or pastries, transfer them into dishes which have a tea-towel wrapped around them.

5. Freshen up

There's nothing stopping you from freshening up your dishes by adding some freshly ripped herbs, along with a splash of oil or lemon juice, before it's time to eat. This includes rice, quinoa, pasta or potato, along with a whole variety of dips. This will not only give you some extra flavour but can also lift the dishes into sitting around for a while, and creates something a little dense. You have a choice here - you can either buy them at the last minute or could even transfer some home-grown options or some previously brought herbs in a jar or bottle with ice-cubes. This will then give you a refreshing drink too, perfect for hot days.

Tips courtesy of Niki Webster