The 4 stages to picking wallpaper for your bathroom

Posted: 9th Aug 2019

If you're looking to give your bathroom an on-trend revamp, we have the perfect tips for you to try

The good news? It doesn't require spending hundreds on expensive tiling; instead, it's time to turn to wallpaper...

That's we've spoken to Alex Whitecroft, head of design at I Want Wallpaper, who all we need to know about using wallpaper in the bathroom.

1. Pick your paper

There are wallpapers that are specifically designed for the damp and steamy conditions you get in the bathroom. Just make sure you look out for the more hard-wearing vinyl finishes, with wipe clean surfaces and embossed detailing.

So long as they’ve been applied correctly, modern wallpaper should stay strong for years - a tip is to apply a coat of Decorator's Varnish on the top to ensure the wallpaper is moisture resistant.

Wallpapers are washable, thanks to a 'scrubbable' and 'highly scrubbable' surface, that you can rely on to stand up to hot and humid environments. Just make sure you check the product information, so you know exactly how washable it is.

2. Feature fabulous

A feature wall works just as well in the bathroom as it does anywhere else, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Having wallpaper on only one wall means you avoid having it on the dampest areas near the bath, shower or sink. It also gives a time-efficient way of achieving a modern design.

3. Tile look

There are many benefits to picking tiles - however, they are expensive, and it can be a big job if you decide you want to change them. That's where wallpaper comes in.

There are some popular, incredibly realistic styles that mimic tiles, without the hassle of grouting. Mosaic, slate and marble tiles are popular bathroom picks that are a fraction of the price. When you're looking to achieve a wet room appearance, opt for tiles in key wet areas, including the inside of a shower and near the bath and sink - you can then put tile-effect paper elsewhere.

Image left: Arthouse Foil Slate Silver Brick Metallic Wallpaper; image right: Rasch Chevron Stripe Wallpaper - Teal

4. Big impression

You may be surprised but pattern can be a great way of creating the illusion of space in a small bathroom. Instead of dominating the room, it merges boundaries when it's used on as many walls as possible, and can even be extended to the ceiling. Don't be afraid to opt for bigger patterns either.

Lead image: Muriva Glitter Diamond Tile Pattern Wallpaper