8 ways to style the industrial look

Posted: 10th Sep 2019

Sometimes, you just can't beat the industrial look

The pared-back and fuss-free look is perfectly suited to a whole host of spaces. Are you looking for ways to bring it into your home? Well, we've spoken to Oak Furnitureland who have the perfect tips for you to try to bring the look into your home.

The brand is sharing the key features and expert tips on ways to bring the slick, sophisticated style to your house, while at the same time, ensuring your surroundings remain warm and comfortable.

1. Honouring natural materials

The Industrial trend is all about functionality. Coming to the fore are utilitarian materials that are hardworking, robust and long-lasting. With a stripped-back nature, it's a look that is all about solid construction, with the integrity of honest, high quality at the fore.

2. Get zoning

Do you have lots of open space to play around with? If so, you can prevent your room from becoming too clinical by using key pieces of furniture that suit specific areas. A flexible wall with a strategically placed bookcase partition provides the necessary space for a home office and has the added benefit of not blocking your room's flow. Open framed will be ideal, as it lets light flood in.

Clean lines and bold forms are great for creating a powerful silhouette, which is perfect for spaces that you're looking to bring the industrial feel into.

3. The Brooklyn backdrop

Common looks within the industrial trend are exposed, aged brick, pipework and reclaimed wood walls. If you're not blessed with these raw materials naturally, you can recreate the coarseness by using a faux brick wallpaper or alternatively, think about cladding a wall with some panelling to make a statement.

4. Comforting

A good way to soften things up will be by incorporating sumptuous upholstery and then layering textural details like rugs, linens and textiles on them.

To go about this, simply embrace some natural vibes - it's a great way to tame the industrial look, and ensure you maintain an edgy, urban vibe.

You can also turn to vivid greenery and foliage to bring your room to life. Try succulents, cacti and air plants - they're an effortless way of achieving the look. Alternatively, you could always bring an urban jungle to life with either a palm or fiddle leaf fig.

5. Beginner industrial

Do you feel like going all out is a bit too much? Well, ease yourself in. You can do this by welcoming a feature element in that provides your home with a nod to the industrial.

6. Old with new

A rich, distressed leather look will fit in perfectly with a trend that juxtaposes the old with the new. This is the ideal excuse for trawling through vintage markets and charity shops too - always an enticing prospect.

7. Light it up

Accent lighting will not only be functional, but also provides some subtle personality. It softens a scheme with the flick of a switch, creating a warm ambience. The linen shade and chrome finish are then ideal for welcoming in different tactile elements.

8. Colour harmony

You need to remember to create a sense of harmony. It's crucial with this trend, but that doesn't mean your scheme needs to be beige and bland.

It's actually simple to achieve - options include adding some colour by using a cushion, with a piece of art on the wall, or an upholstered piece in a striking shade.