A decade in interiors: how colour trends have changed

Posted: 19th Oct 2019

Interiors are constantly changing

It makes it interesting to stop and consider, what trends have we actually seen over the past decade? Well, we've spoken to The Original Bed Co. who have partnered with interior designer Toks Aruoture, to talk us through exactly what we've seen over the last decade...

2009 - Mimosa

2009 was the year where we had a colour that did what it could to encapsulate exactly what it is we love about a sunny Sunday morning. The shade was all about the warm and radiant yellows that we normally see throughout the summer. Providing your room with an upbeat mood, it's a shade that still popular today.

2010 - Turquoise

This colour is reminiscent of a tranquil ocean, surrounding by a tropical island. It was a shade that people were almost certain to respond positively to and was universally flattering as well.

2011 - Honeysuckle

The colour embodies both 'verve and vigour' and was meant to lift our mood, inspiring us to face every challenge with both confidence and courage. Honeysuckle is particularly powerful and has the additional benefit of being inexpensive as it pops up in our homes.

2012 - Tango

A vibrant shade, Tango was all about the depth of emotion, as red merged with the mellow warmth of yellow. Tango orange captures a radiant evening sunset and combines vibrancy with both heat and energy. This orange red was chosen by Pantone as they believed it embodied the need for people to recharge and move forward.

2013 - Emerald

Getting its name from its namesake gem, Emerald is a magnificent and brilliant colour. The vivid green enhances our sense of well-being as it promotes balance, energy, renewal and prosperity. As colours go, it represents healing and unity.

2014 - Radiant Orchid

2014's shade was all about joy, love and health. The radiant purples are particularly good when it comes to energising a grey room. Purple perfectly complements colours that work within green pallets too, including olive, turquoise, teal and even lighter yellows.

2015 - Marsala

Marsala embraces the deep red maroon shades (or burgundy) to create an impactful, full-bodied quality. It sparks a passionate feeling that helps us embrace warmth and works especially well in a bedroom with accent pieces, including rugs, lamps, lampshades and pillow covers.

2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity

2016 saw Pantone pick two shades that perfectly complimented each other. This helped people to create a calmer zone, ideal for everyday life. As the warmer tones of the rose and cooler of the blue paired perfectly to create tranquillity between each colour. As a result, it sparked a feeling of wellness, while creating inner peace. The colours work perfectly together, as well as blending nicely with mid-tone colour pairings in a bedroom such as greens, purples, rich browns and yellows and pinks.

2017 - Greenery

Fresh greens work perfectly with just hints of yellow, as we see the colour perfectly signify our feelings of refreshment and renewal. As greenery reminds us of the beginning of spring, the lush green grass pushes us, so we get to pursue personal passions and improvements that let us rediscover ourselves. In the bedroom, we can rely on a flash of green to ensure we achieve a positive mood for the day.

2018 - Ultraviolet

For 2018's shade, Pantone turned to the cosmos, picking an enigmatic purple. The colour emphasised artistic creativity, curiosity, individuality and the ideas of non-conformity - purple has long been an iconic shade for artists who bring the forefront ideas of personal expression to themselves.

The bedroom epitomises individuality, as we look to express ourselves in what is our inner sanctum. This is an area where we can express ourselves without worrying about judgement. As a result, it is given pride of place so we can retreat and subsequently, feel both physically and mentally prepared.

2019 - Living coral

It's all about vibrancy and joy this year. Living coral is essentially a reaction to our ever-increasing digital life and the need to have a real, authentic connection to life around us. Encouraging feelings of joy, the colour reminds us of meeting friends and spending time with our partners.