5 ways to give your home a natural twist

Posted: 22nd May 2019

With the days lengthening and the weather getting warmer, we've come to a great time of year to think about refreshing our home decor

With so many wonderful sights to take in this time of year, it presents the perfect chance to draw on some inspiration from nature. But with so many options to choose from, it can quickly become confusing. That's where these tips from Aquaclean come in...

1. Texture it up

An effective way to bring the outside in is through mixing and matching - after all, nature is full of textures and patterns. Whether it’s framed floral prints, palm print walls, or velvet sofas, there are endless possibilities for you to consider. Just remember, if you have a smaller room, only use bold patterns on a feature wall - otherwise, you risk making it too dark.

2. Play with plants

One of the most cost effective ways to welcome nature into your home is through the house plant. The benefits are numerous - it helps absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, subsequently improving air quality and cutting the indoor pollution levels too. If you're after something simple like a bonsai tree or want something a bit more creative - hello, terrarium of succulents - there will always be ways to include plants around the home and making the most of the benefits.

3. Natural approach

Reasons for picking natural materials goes far beyond simply wanting to achieve a botanical vibe. Choosing a hard-working renewable material will have the advantage of ensuring you spend less money on updating your furniture, as it should last for years, while it's also better for the environment. The more natural products, including wood, are also on trend options which look timeless.

4. Key colour

The colours you pick are all capable of making a significant difference when you're looking to welcome nature in. The more natural shades of blues and greens present visitors with a reminder of outdoor spaces and the sky. Partnering these with neutral browns and beiges will then give your room a warm, relaxed feeling. 

5. Natural light

To bring that feeling of nature in, it's important to maximise your natural light - this also helps to create a spacious feeling. Mirrored accessories, polished wooden flooring and light furniture will all play a part in reflected the natural light, and maintaining a bright, airy feeling.

Make sure your furniture is positioned in a way that maximises the natural light that's available - for instance, ensure your sofa is facing a window to maximise the benefits as the sun streams in. If you don't want to have to change your room around too much, even something as simple as trimming back the plants that grow around your doors and windows will make a difference, as will giving them a clean.

Lead image: The Lounge Co Zoe 3 Seater Sofa and Chair in Aquaclean Juniper Berry Family Friendly Basket Weave