Bathroom Colour Schemes 2019

Posted: 7th May 2019

Choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom can be a daunting task. You want to remain on trend whilst simultaneously creating a look which will stand the test of time. Here, Bathroom Takeaway discuss the top 4-bathroom colour schemes for 2019.

1. Pastels

Pastel colours, including earthy greens, blush pink and duck egg blue are the perfect choice if you want to create a bright, airy feel in your room, making it the ideal choice for a smaller bathroom. Extremely versatile, all pastel colours will perfectly match a traditional white bathroom suite, meaning you can decorate your bathroom without replacing the ceramics every time. The soft colours help create a relaxing atmosphere in your space and once matched with sleek furniture and ceramics, can create a minimalist look for your bathroom. 

Pastel colours will never go out of style, making them the perfect choice if you want to keep your bathroom on trend for years to come.

2. Pantone Colour of the Year – ‘Living Coral’

The pantone colour of the year, shade 16-1546, also known as ‘living coral’ is being widely used in homes across the UK, and with summer just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to brighten up your space. ‘Living coral’ has been described by Pantone as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge”.

Taking inspiration from coral reefs, ‘living coral’ is said to embody our desire for playful expression and represents the fusion of modern life.

One of the current biggest trends is the coral and black bathroom. Featuring a coral accent wall in the bathroom, coupled with black tiles and grey accessories, the dramatic coral brings a sense of summer, indoors and is the perfect complement to a black shower enclosure.

3. Monochrome

Monochrome is currently one of the biggest design trends, for both fashion and interiors. Black and white is a timeless classic, that will never go out of style, so what better way to decorate your bathroom in order to ensure your space stands the test of time. Dating way back to the Art Deco period, monochrome can be as dramatic or as subtle as you want.

Adding colourful accessories to your monochromatic bathroom suite can bring a touch of colour and vibrance to your space.

4. Cream

Cream bathrooms are unquestionably timeless and although they may not include an eye-catching feature, the neutral cream colour palette is soothing and luxurious, perfect if you want to create a relaxing bathroom environment. A cream bathroom is also extremely minimalist and therefore easy to redecorate in the future. Slightly warmer than the classic white bathroom, the cream palette oozes elegance and can be teamed with a multitude of darker tones in order to create your perfect bathroom space. With such versatility, a cream bathroom seems like the obvious choice.