4 simple tips for styling your wooden crate plant stand

Posted: 6th Jun 2019

We've recently had a tutorial that explains how you can make your own Wooden Crate Plant Stand

Here, we have the tips from ProFlowers that are going to help you to take yours to the very next level. The end result? A stylish plant stand...

1. Mix in some personality

Add in some books, ornaments and accessories - for instance, like photos - to provide a bit of personality. This helps to complete and balance the look within your room.

2. Different heights

Create your own unique pieces of decor by stacking the crates - you know won't see in anyone else's home.

3. Get painting

Painting the back inside wall of your crates will give you a contrasting paint hue that will provide a welcoming injection of colour and also makes your shelving that bit more interesting.

4. Layer the plants

Use both smaller plants - like succulents - and larger plants - like a pink prayer plant - on your shelves.

Tips courtesy of ProFlowers