5 trends you need to look out for this year

Posted: 25th Apr 2019

If you're thinking of conducting a home revamp this year, being aware of the biggest upcoming interior trends is a must

That's why we've spoken to Sian Astley, property expert at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show, and project manager for BBC2 series 'Your Home Made Perfect', who shares some of the big trends we can expect to see this year.

1. '70s retro revival

You can expect to see the '70s trends making a comeback. Get ready to see terracotta shades, along with oranges and tans, making an appearance, giving your home an organic, grounded style. Cobalt blue and curvy shapes will help to maintain a fresh feel.

Sian says: "Identifying your core style is important; this will help make design choices easier and allow you to understand how to drop the various design decisions into your household. For example, if you don’t like your space to feel too cold or clinical, incorporating organic materials such as rattan and wicker can be a good choice to add a relaxed vibe. Combine timbers with punchy pattern and mixed metals for a more interesting look, or use it to soften a monochrome scheme. This interiors revival isn’t about recreating Woodstock but about sprinkling some 70s' stardust into a modern look."

Images courtesy of Ricardo Bravo 

2. Tile in style

The recent developments we've seen in technology mean tiles are revolutionising the way we decorate our floors and walls. The photographic techniques that have happened ensure porcelain tiles look just like timber, and timbering can make them feel like it too. 

Sian says: "Imagery on social media has made tile choices easier, because now we can really see what that scallop or hexagon shape will look like in a large area."

"We can really be brave and consider options previously only seen at the high end of design, opening up another dimension to our décor. Terrazzo tiles, next generation encaustics and high gloss colour ceramics are there for the choosing - we just have to be brave enough!"

3. Shaded balance brilliance

A trend that's growing in popularity is shaded balance. Acting as the perfect counterbalance to the dark interiors we've seen in recent years, shaded balance is all about creating a contrasting effect.

Using both light and dark shades, a sense of elegance is created, as the scheme gets broken up. Don't feel you have to be tied to black and white either - instead, it could be navy and cream for instance, or even deep green and ivory.

Sian says: "Don’t be afraid to use darker shades as accent colours. If a room has creams or pastels, the bold use of black will ground a scheme and give punchiness while stopping it from being too wish washy. Shaded balance works well with wooden accents; for example, materials such as timber, which also ties in with the seventies vibe coming back."

"If you are building or renovating, it’s all about finding materials which are cost-effective and affordable, such as plywood or OSB. These materials somehow feel and look much more architectural when positioned within an elegant shaded balance interior."

"For outdoor spaces, a monochrome colour scheme could appear harsh when used alone, but can be softened with greenery and natural finishes."

4. Decorating with '80s style

If you're an 80s kid at heart, good news - Memphis Style is coming back! The instantly recognisable look provides a welcome bit of fun, and works brilliantly with primary colours and neons, along with stripes and chevrons.

Sian says: "You can revisit the era in your home by using geometric patterns, stripes and pill-shaped arches. There were arches everywhere at Salone design show in Milan, and what shows there, is heading to the high street soon."

"Eighties home decor is a playful trend though not one that most people can use to embellish their entire living space. Use elements of the scheme which suit you; it’s best to tap into the trend and lift elements from it."

Images courtesy of Ricardo Bravo 

5. The fifth wall

Did you know that it's only in recent times that the ceiling has been painted white? Before that, it used to be a much more attention grabbing part of the room.

Sian says: "It could be going bold with bold colour, deep rich navy or powder pink. It could be with wallpaper or it could be by considering the architectural structure of the ceiling, is it unusually curved or intricately shaped, for example. For those with a pitched roof above, installing a vaulted ceiling can enhance the look and feel of your interior while creating a sense of volume, light and space."

Lead image courtesy of Ricardo Bravo