Four ways to style the minimalist monochrome look

Posted: 22nd Jan 2019

Are you a fan of the minimalist monochrome look?

It's a timeless look that we can expect to see will be making style statements for years to come. And, it can even provide a dated interior with a modern spin. So, what’s the secret to achieving this eclectic look? It’s easy – aim for simplicity!

That’s where these tips from Spaceslide come in, to help you to master the monochrome look within your home...

Layer with texture

You want to make sure you don't leave your room feeling too cold and harsh. Instead, aim to add some warmth and depth to your interiors.

For instance, in the bedroom, take the chance to play around with some soft rugs, chunky throws and luxurious bedspreads. This will help to give you a space that you can truly relax in.

Industrial luxe

The sharp black and white lines can inject your interiors with that crisp, industrial feeling which brings with it something of a trendy warehouse vibe.


Going for the monochrome trend can leave you with a monotone vibe if you're not careful. Aim to get around a flat, toneless look by using high-gloss - this provides your room with a reflective vibe, and gives off the impression of movement.

Warm undertones

Don't feel you're restricted to only using black and white. Instead, aim for the perfect balance that can you can achieve from using various shades of soft grey, ivory and taupe. This will help you to strike an effective monochrome look that also succeeds in warming up your space.