Three simple ways to refresh your home this year

Posted: 3rd Jan 2019

If you're looking for ways to refresh your home the DIY way, there are plenty of simple options to consider this year

2019 could be the ideal time to take the opportunity to flex those creative muscles and give a your furniture and interiors a DIY overhaul. If you're not sure where to start, these tips from Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice could be a good place to start...

1. The Art Deco feature wall

Why not opt for a feature wall which has an Art Deco twist? It's simple to achieve and gives your space some strong, angular lines - it also gives you a very chic way to show off any artwork you have.

Simple to make, all you need are three contrasting colours, masking tape and a steady hand - just make sure you pay attention to detail.

As Rebecca explains, the Art Deco feature wall will give your room both texture and interest in a subtle and stylish way - this works particularly well with the contrast you can find between cool paint tones and those glamorous gilded frames. It's also a fantastic chance to choose colours that will provide a variety of looks, regardless of whether it's built around a bold or a neutral aesthetic.

2. Glam up your furniture

As a way of providing sustainable dimension to your decorating, upcycled home decor will be great for homeowners who are after a meaningful and unique design.

Rebecca explains that upcycling is a great way to both reuse and repurpose furniture, providing a dash of personality and refinement in the process. It's an approach that can transform items, giving you that unique piece, while ensuring you keep things both budget-friendly and chic.

3. Go botanical with a hanging planter wall

A huge trend you can expect to see in 2019 will be mindfulness - it emphasises being organised and giving you space to meditate within your home. A hanging planter feature wall gives you something that combines both. Not only a creative way to maximise your existing space, the versatile feature can then be hung in a number of places, be it the kitchen or your home office.

It's also relatively simple to assemble, and only requires materials like wooden crates and a flat wire memo board, for added ease.

As a stylish and adaptable piece, it will come together quickly. You can also try making yours from other materials too - this includes wooden shelves or rope. It's a great way to include some natural greenery into your home, and also works as an effective method for storing small items too. It's a relatively timeless aesthetic too, that's perfect for highlighting key pieces of furniture, giving you a piece of statement style for your home. The good thing here is floral or scalloped patterns are easy to transfer or spray paint onto other pieces of furniture - ie a side table - providing you with a show stopping look. As eye-catching approaches go, it's big on glamour, and provides an attractive edge that's sure to pop regardless of the room you put it in.