Four ways to give your kitchen some festive sparkle

Posted: 30th Nov 2018

With 1st December rapidly approaching, it's time to add some festive cheer to our homes

Now this doesn't mean you need to go full Christmas in every room, but adding some subtle decoration can provide your room with some extra warmth. In the first of a three part guide Vanessa Arbuthnott is sharing her tips that are sure to help you provide a bit of extra Christmas sparkle...

In the first part, we look at how to add some festive vibes to your kitchen and dining area…

Over the Christmas period, we’re bound to be spending a lot of time cooking food. Whether it’s the turkey or pigs in blankets, the kitchen is sure to be a high-traffic space – it’s time to make sure it gets the decorative joy it deserves...

1. If you want a subtle look, why not try styling your Christmas plates and bowls with some of the decorations you've also used on the tree?

2. While you'll almost certainly have your traditional tree in the living room, it doesn't mean you can't add a tree to your kitchen too! Why not use a fibre optic tree? Easy to assemble, it's also nice and easy to clean up after too.

3. Achieve a clutter free look by hanging festive garlands from the ceiling.

4. You can achieve a more natural and understated holiday vibe by looking to decorate the kitchen with pinecones, cinnamon, acorns and dried fruit - simply pop them in a bowl. You then get a perfectly natural festive addition to your room.