Seven trends you need to be aware of this autumn

Posted: 12th Nov 2018

If you're planning to update your home in time for Christmas, making sure you're on top of the latest trends will be a must

That's where Etsy's style report on the home and living autumn trends comes into play - it reveals the big trends you should be thinking about welcoming into your home as we approach the end of 2018.

1. Iridescent decor

The returning popularity of the 90's trend merges two of our favourite styles, as pastels meet the rainbow. It's a style that has certainly proved popular, with Etsy reporting that searches for 'iridescent decor' has increased by 400 per cent so far in 2018, in comparison to last year.

Vintage French iridescent, opalescent by Frenchidyll, glass pendant light, £30 at Etsy

It's not surprising - the trend is a great way to provide some shine and sparkle, transforming even the most mundane of household pieces.

2. Welcome glamour

Our entrances were once an overlooked and forgotten part of the home but it’s now time to show it some love and get to work on making a statement with your entrance. After all, first impressions count, meaning it’s worth spending a bit of time working on the curb-appeal of our homes.

However, it's not just any old welcome that we want to make - instead, people are looking to achieve a unique style. This has led to a rise in both custom and unique house numbers, increasing by 60 per cent this year, as people look to personalise their entrances.

Quirky Lemon Coir Doormat by Arstydoormats, £19.99 at Etsy

This has seen the incorporation of another trend - the botanical look. There has been a huge increase in planter house numbers, rising by an amazing 130 per cent since last year, as Brits look to add greenery to proceedings.

 It's not only the more traditional homeowners doing this either - renters, apartment-dwellers and even the soon-to-be moving are also using their entrances to make a statement, as they welcome personalised door mats, front door decals and entrance items that provide multipurpose.

3. Upscale upcycled

Brits are increasingly trying to be sustainable and eco-conscious, and it's this desire that has sparked an interest in upcycling. There are over 75,000 results within the home and living category on Etsy, with some unexpected items being repurposed to provide an environmentally friendly statement - for instance, a rug made from recycled plastic bottles.

This has culminated in an increase in searches for 'upcycle home decor', rising by over 120 per cent this year, in comparison to the same period last year.

4. Highbrow birds

After a decade on the side lines, bird-related motifs are returning in new ways (abstract and stylised) and materials (brass, gold, glass) in a variety of home decor items. Their return has also seen a rise in searches that relate to bird décor, soaring by 20 per cent within the home and living category, in comparison to the same period last year.

Wall hook Gold - Ceramic bird gold plated by AUSFLUG, £43.42 at Etsy

5. Updated mirrors

This trend sees both function and form merge – it’s all about high design and purpose. Mirrors are now being created with ledges to provide storage, along with artwork printed on the mirror that makes it both functionable and a piece of art. It's also seen searches relating to modern wall mirror's rise by 44 per cent within the last year.

Geometric Mirror & Terrarium by NojaGlassDesign, £108.54 at Etsy

6. Brushstrokes

It's emerged in both art and ceramics and Etsy are predicting it's a look that we can expect to see more and more of in textiles. It's all about embracing imperfections and making the most of our home decor.

Brush Stroke Pattern Lampshade, Indigo Blue Watercolour design by Grace & Flavour Home, £45 at Etsy

7. Leopard / Animal Prints

Leopard print is not only roaring its way into our wardrobes, but you can also expect to see it being in interiors too, as it appears in art, lampshades and mirrors. It's a bold statement to make in more neutral or minimalistic rooms, adding texture and personality.

The Leopard in Blush - Round Geometric Colour Block Mirror in Pink, Orange and Silver by The New Saintly, £115 at Etsy 

Report courtesy of Etsy - lead image: FLATOWL Midcentury PRINT / Leopard Lampshade by Martha and Hepsie