Four ways to create a cosy bedroom vibe

Posted: 18th Sep 2018

As we transition into autumn (and from there, it will be the countdown to winter!), it's time to cosy-up your bedroom and make sure it's ready to become your sanctuary for the months ahead

To help you to banish the cold and create your own haven, try following these simple tips...

1. Remember your blankets and pillows

It's basically not possible to have too many blankets or pillows. Ensuring your bed is piled up with these accessories instantly creates a cosier vibe, giving it a more desirable look in the process.

2. Embrace the wintery scents

There is something about the flickering orange glow that is sure to banish those winter blues. Some people will be lucky enough to have a fireplace, in which case, light it up! For those who don't, candles are the answer. They're a great alternative, and mean you can choose a wintery warm scent, such as cinnamon or berries - the perfect companion to go with your hot chocolate when you relax!

3. Keep things in arms reach

A nightstand will be an essential accessory as we move into the colder months. They're perfect for storing those bedside items you want to be within arm's reach - whether it's a hot drink or a good book. You can also add a small lamp or candle to create a cosy feeling.

4. Avoid an unpleasant start to the day

Putting your foot down onto a cold floor as you get out of bed is one of the worst ways to start the day. Get around this with a fluffy rug! That way, you can ensure your first steps of the day are not unpleasantly freezing.

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