Four tips to remember when choosing a pet-friendly rug

Posted: 31st Aug 2018

Having a beautiful rug not only provides you with a stunning focal point but also offers a great place for you to cuddle up with your favourite four-legged friends

However, a combination of sharp claws, muddy feet and regular moulting means you need to choose wisely when you buy yours.

So, what does this actually involve? Well, these tips from Modern Rugs are sure to help...

1. Choosing the right material

Wool and nylon are some of the most resilient and durable options. The stain resistant fibre means Nylon is tough and can also be spot-cleaned with non-bleaching products.

Natural wool is also a great choice - it holds the dirt close to the surface so it's easy to vacuum, and is also warm underfoot. The only downside? Their cost, in comparison to synthetic options.

Another natural material worth considering is Sisal - it's both eco-friendly and has a natural non-slip backing.

2. The best pile

Flatweave rugs are easy to clean in comparison to those which have a thicker pile - dirt could become trapped. It's worth avoiding rugs which have a looped pile as they can become caught in claws and soon look shabby. Tassels and fringes don't always mix well, particularly with those who enjoy chewing, as they offer an additional choking hazard.

3. Colour selection

Dark colours may be a natural choice as it helps to hide stains but if you have a light coloured coat, you'll be constantly hoovering. Start off by choosing a colour that complements the colour of your pet and you can then consider a pattern that further disguises blemishes. The best thing to try will be small busy patterns.

4. Outdoors in

Outdoor rugs have been designed to withstand the weather that can be thrown at them, so will be a great choice for pets. Made with a synthetic material, they are easy to clean and with so many designs to choose from, there's bound to be something that will suit your home.

Lead image: Carla Herring via Modern Rugs / @thehousebuild via Modern Rugs