The four steps to creating your productive study area

Posted: 23rd Jul 2018

With increasing numbers of us working from home nowadays, a designated study area can be ideal for giving you a space to zone out in and focus on your projects

To help you create your own productive study area, David Wilson Homes are offering their tips for you to try here...

1 Let there be light!

Natural light is incredibly beneficial when it comes to creating your study area. It has numerous benefits, which include improving your mood and vision, while also helping to conserve your energy.

2 Comfort is key

Making sure your area is relaxing to work in will be crucial, as you'll be spending long periods of time in there. It will be worth investing in a comfy armchair and ensuring your computer and keyboard are at the right height to maximise productivity too.

3 Choose your colour

Think carefully before you decorate your study - ensure you go for a colour that inspires you but will also help to keep you calm and motivated. If you want to create a serene and tranquil environment, pale blues and greys will be the shades to go for, while brighter colours like yellow and orange help to boost positivity and creativity.

4 Supply train

When you're working from home, the last thing you need are distractions that will see you nipping into the living room or kitchen every few minutes. Make sure your designated area has everything you need to make sure you're in the zone and will not be pulled away.