Five ways to create a cosy bedroom

Posted: 5th Jan 2018

It doesn't have to be a struggle to be cosy this time of year

There are a few simple tips and tricks you can try to help you to make your bedroom the perfect winter retreat.

With the wind howling outside, a cosy, inviting bedroom sanctuary will help to encourage quality sleep, which is necessary to keep you both happy and healthy. Gorgeous duvets and bedding, coupled with rich rugs and warming colours, all help to create a relaxing space, while making sure your bed provides the necessary warmth is a must.

To help you achieve this, the experts at Duvalay have compiled a list of tips to ensure you can get plenty of shut-eye during the winter months.

Thomas Colleran, the brand manager at the Hilary Devey Collection, said: "The drop in temperature will mean evenings turn chillier, so it is important that you take the time to ensure that your bed is fully prepared, in order to ensure your sleep isn’t disturbed".

The tips include:

1 Swap your duvet for a higher tog rating

A great way of keeping warm during the cooler months without needing the heating is to swap your summer duvet for a thicker one. A 105-tog rating will help you to keep warm, without being too toasty.

2 Keep your feet warm

Putting a rug down will make sure your feet don't land on the often cold floor – never a pleasant experience! You can make it the focal point of your room by positioning it at the foot of the bed, framing the end.

3 Upgrade to thicker curtains

A great tip for blocking out ice cold drafts which seep through your bedroom windows, thicker curtains can even be styled to match your bed covers.

4 Layer up

A great way to create warmth is adding layers. This not only helps you to stay cosy, but also gives you a great-looking bed at the same time. Simply put a throw over the end, fold an extra quilt halfway, or add in a chunky-knit blanket on top of your sheets.

5 A dual-season mattress

Dual-season mattresses have extra layers of warming wool in the winter side, while are cotton-rich for the summer side. The Diamond and Diamond-Luxe collection from Duvalay fit this criteria, and are also great for storing as much heat as possible.

Tips courtesy of Duvalay