Six ways to create a beautiful home on a budget

Posted: 2nd Jan 2018

Creating a beautiful home doesn't have to be expensive, as these six tips explain

1 The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to update a room is to use paint. Choose your colour carefully. Consider sticking to a neutral tone to create a backdrop, then add colour with bold soft furnishings and accessories.

2 If you can do any work such as painting, wallpapering and even making soft furnishings yourself it will save you money. Consider doing courses to improve your skills.

3 Before you make any investments do lots of research online. See if you can buy second-hand alternatives on eBay, from car boot sales and charity shops.

4 Take a good look at your existing furniture before you invest in replacements. Can it be painted or adapted to fit into a new scheme? Ask friends and family to see if they have anything to pass on and look at sites such as

5 Spash out on just one or two key pieces, such as a bed and really comfy sofa, that will stand the test of time. Then supplement with cheaper pieces, to create a home that seamlessly mixes high street buys and high end.

6 Scope out designer lookalike pieces at low cost stores such as TK Maxx and HomeSense.

Images courtesy of Claire Davies