Five affordable DIY ideas to try this Christmas

Posted: 13th Nov 2017

It's exactly six weeks until Christmas Day, and many of us are already thinking about what we can do to make our homes feel suitably festive

There are many simple and affordable DIY ideas you can try that will help you make your home feel both cosy and stylish before December 25th arrives, as Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice explains...

1 Using existing decorative jars

You should consider filling mason jars, vases, bell jars and glass bowls with pinecones, string lights and other festive trinkets, for a cost effective way of creating a centrepiece for your shelf or dining table.

Rebecca said: "Creating an impressive Christmas display doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Put a few pinecones inside a bell jar and wrap some twinkling lights around them for a beautiful festive centrepiece. The natural wood, emphasised by the string lights, gives a subtle hint of woodland and winter. You can still showcase everyday objects in this way after Christmas for a sophisticated look all year round; a potted plant, some colourful fruit or a faux statement feather looks really beautiful underneath a glass dome."

2 Place sprigs of green around the room

Incorporating some small sprigs of greenery into your home provides a subtle visual reminder of the more attention-grabbing Christmas tree, not to mention the fact that muted greenery will compliment oak furniture or natural wood in the room.

Rebecca added: "The Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only green decor in the room; place sprigs of eucalyptus and rosemary on display as informal decor. As well as bringing in more natural elements to the room, they will provide a pleasant, fresh aroma. Alternatively, try putting sprigs of green inside a small jar or bell jar - this is a particularly good option if you have curious children and pets."

3 Wrap string lights around wire frames

A great way to add warmth to your living space and to really draw your guest's attention to a centrepiece or section of the room is string lighting. Purchase some wire frames, in a star or a Christmas tree shape for instance - and entwine string lights around the shape to create an eye-catching decoration.

Rebecca said: "There’s nothing more festive than a string of twinkling lights. She suggests using them to create a Christmas wall decoration; “A simple but effective way to create a sparkly centrepiece, is to wrap string lights around a shaped frame and add a few sprigs of greenery to finish. This would look great above a fireplace or on a shelf surrounded by more greenery."

If you're looking to add a touch of Christmas to your current decor, drape string lights around frames that you already own - for instance, oak frames add general warmth and depth to a room which will work well with neutral colours.

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4 Use pinecones and acorns

Incorporating natural woodland elements such as acorns and pinecones will provide your room with a subtle hint of nature, with the added benefit of complementing neutral, muted or winter tones in the room.

Rebecca advises: "Try placing a cluster of pinecones and acorns on a shelf with some greenery for an informal festive look. Pinecones and acorns can also be scattered on your Christmas table, perhaps with some frosted sprigs, for a cosy, relaxed arrangement. If you want to take your DIY skills a little further, make your pinecones shimmer with some glitter and arrange them in your favourite bowl, and if you’re feeling ambitious try making a wreath with your pinecones with glue and wreath frame."

5 Make your own baubles

If you would like to give your room a personal touch, making your own baubles could be for you.

Rebecca says: “Transparent DIY baubles are easy to find, and add an individual touch to your Christmas decor. Placing sprigs and a bit of glitter inside baubles, and hanging them using twine looks much more high end than plenty of shop bought affairs, not to mention completely unique. This is something the whole family can get involved in too.”