Styling your copper plant stand

Posted: 3rd Jun 2019

In a recent tutorial, we talked you through the process of making your own copper plant stand - here, you can find out how to style yours...

Styling your copper plant stand doesn't need to be tricky, as these tips will explain...

1. Keep things simple

After all, you want your copper pipe to stand out, and make it the focal point. Give a classic white vase a go, or if you're after a dash of colour, pastels could be the shade to try.

2. Mix and match

Pair it with mid-century decor so you can make it match both the shape and style of the stand.

3. Accentuate the positives

Make the most of the gorgeous copper tones by adding other metal accents to your decor - it helps you bring out the stunning colour.

4. Statement plant

You can use a large statement plant on the stand to create a nice impact.

Tutorial courtesy of ProFlowers