Finding the candle holder for you

Posted: 15th Feb 2016

What can a candle holder do for your home? It's a question you may have found yourself pondering at some stage of your life, before deciding no, they're not for you. Now we don't want to say you're wrong, but you COULD be wrong! There, we feel better for saying it. So how do you go about buying candle holders? Have no fear, we're here to help...


1 What is the design best suited to?

So what do you think the style of the candle is best suited to? Tall designs will work well as table centrepieces, or else as a mantelpiece display. But you may prefer a shorter style, in which case you're best off opting for a lower surface, such as coffee tables and sideboards.


Candles[Images: Beaded Glass Candlestick Holder Range from £10.00, at BHS; Gold Twist Candle Stick, £15.00 at Oliver Bonas]


2 Be practical

Even the most exquisite candle holder is no use if you cannot actually find candles that fit! If you do find yourself with one that uses non-standard sizes, make sure you'll be able to get a steady supply so you won't have any problems finding replacements in the future.


[Lead image: Getty / Blend Images]