3 trends predicted to explode in 2016

Posted: 12th Jan 2016

Wondering what exactly the early trends of 2016 will be and what you should be adding to your home? Well we've spoken to Rooi who have given us what they see as being the three trends which are set to light up the luxury living trends arena this year.


Rosy Metallics

Metallics came in towards the backend of 2015 and copper's rise to prominence is set to continue this year, as it gradually evolves into mixed metallics rather than just a single theme. This will lead to copper working alongside silver and gold, creating a more eclectic mix rather than a uniform copper approach.




What will copper add to your home?


Warmth, ensuring it will be a lovely finishing touch to any room.


Old World Ornamentation

The more austere modern architecture is set to be softened as traditional and contemporary are combined together.


[Photos: Etoile, £6.57 at Rooi; Riva, £6.57 at Rooi; Malini Germaine, £10.47 at Rooi]


What will old world ornamentation add to your home?


Well, it'll serve as the perfect antidote to stark colour blocks, as the soft furnishings will create a cosier home instead of the polished showroom look.


The Return of the Desk

Desks have become something of an anachronism over the last few years, as less and less people are using desktop computers around the home. But 2016 is set to see a return to working at a desk when at home, as opposed to lounging around on the sofa.




What will this mean to your home?

Well whether you're fitting it into a small space, or you have a designated office, you'll end up with an area where you're able to knuckle down and get on with your work.