You can now buy the Friends Thanksgiving turkey hat!

Posted: 29th Oct 2019

Firebox has launched a new Friends-themed turkey range, and it's hilarious…

If there's one thing Friends is known for, it's the sit-com's iconic Thanksgiving episodes. From competitive football games to the I Hate Rachel Green Club, each one has earnt its place in the TV hall of fame

In celebration of these iconic episodes, gifting brand Firebox has created its very own Thanksgiving turkey collection, as an ode to The One With All The Thanksgivings episode.



You'll probably remember this funky turkey as the one that made Chandler confess his love for Monica in season five. 

Well now you can cheer up your other half without putting a turkey carcass on your head, thanks to Firebox's new Friends-inspired turkey range.




Including a turkey hat, microwave-friendly hottie, and a novelty mug, this collection is perfect for Thanksgiving gifts, Secret Santa presents, or just shimmying your way back into your other half's good books!

The turkey hat is priced at £29.99, the huggable heated turkey is £19.99, and the mug is £16.99. 



If you like to cosy up and binge-watch Friends on a weeknight, then the turkey hottie is the perfect poultry companion. 

Filled with a relaxing lavender fragrance, simply pop this bird in the microwave and hug it all night long to keep you warm and toasty.



To get your hands on some of these turkey-tastic buys, head to!