Yankee Candle has released another unmissable collection

Posted: 8th Aug 2019

We're currently enjoying summer but that's not to say that there's not a tiny part of us that's looking forward to Autumn

The chance to feel snug in a chunky jumper and scarf is, frankly, more than just a little appealing. Another key part of welcoming in autumn is making the most of the seasonal treats and delicacies on offer, as we wander around local markets, taking in the many sights and aromas.

To encapsulate the feeling, Yankee Candle has released a new, indulgent collection, Farmer’s Market, which perfectly captures a colourful and plentiful time of year with four new autumnal scents.

The range is inspired by delectable farm-fresh options, including just-pressed apple cider, almond scones and berry crumble, and pretty much gives us the perfect way to go about welcoming the change of the seasons.

We look at the four new autumnal scents here...

1. Dried Lavender & Oak

The delicious scent of lavender is perfectly fused with woodsy scents and spices for the perfectly seasonal scent.

2. Golden chestnut

Warm chestnuts roasted with ground spices, woodsy herbs and a touch of citrus - sounds divine, eh? There are also notes of cinnamon bark, orange and cardamom to round things off.

3. Ciderhouse

Can you get more autumnal than the smell of freshly pressed apples? The scent is lightly spiced and ready to sip, with a base of sandalwood, tonka and vanilla beans also coming out.

4 Sweet Maple Chai

Enjoy an overflowing mug of chai-spiced milk and maple syrup which has been swirled to creamy perfection. The icing on the cake comes from the notes of cinnamon and clove.