Tie-dye fans are going to love MuralsWallpaper's new releases

Posted: 25th Jul 2019

Where do you stand on tie-dye?

We can safely say we love it - and if you’re also a big fan of it, we have some great news for you - you can now welcome it on to your walls, thanks to some stunning new designs from MuralsWallpaper. They are guaranteed to provide your home with some incredibly stylish vibes.

The rise of tie-dye is best seen by the near 200 per cent increase in searches it has enjoyed since the start of 2019. In fact, it's gradually become one of the nation's most desired styles, and is even being incorporated by leading brands that include Prada, Stella McCartney and Dior.

It's proved so popular that it has even started to influence our coffee addictions, as Starbucks has started introducing tie-dye Frappuccinos.

And now, the opportunity has arisen for you to welcome it into your home, thanks to MuralsWallpaper's statement styles.

The murals have started moving away from what can sometimes seem the more garish festival colour combos of the past and are going towards more of a rejuvenated style.

The more daring wall designs have been created with ice instead of the anticipated tied cloth pieces. Dye is dusted over ice as it sits on the fabric and is left to work its magic as it melts. This leads to a pattern that differs from the more traditional tie-dye to create the iconic look that is more suited to a home.

It's perfect for the more daring decorators amongst us who have a particular love for colour, flair and going for bold shades. In short, homeowners will get the chance to achieve a safe and minimal approach to the interiors and can embrace the more joyous return of tie-dye.