Aldi's new range is perfect for pet owners

Posted: 23rd Jul 2019

A study has revealed UK pet owners spend an amazing £30 billion on their four legged friends each year

As a result, we can’t be blamed for trying to find some cheaper options – step forward, Aldi's bargain Pet Essentials range.

The collection presents shoppers with the chance to purchase some much-needed pieces at bargain prices, and includes a whole range of products, ranging from cosy plush beds to accessories to help you maintain a clean house.

To ensure your pets get the sleep they need, why not treat them to the super comfy Plush Pet Bed? Coming in a host of sizes, prices start from only £7.99. Or, if you have a feline, there are still options, with the Cat Bed available for an incredibly affordable £8.99.

Or perhaps you're looking for some fun accessories to keep your dog entertained? In that case, the range also has you covered. For instance, the Tennis & Sports Balls (£1.99) are sure to keep you and your canine companion entertained for hours.

If you’re looking to get your dog into good snacking habits, there are some different training accessories to try as well - this includes Aldi's Treatimat (£2.99) and the Dog Puzzle (£6.99) which both provide your pet with great mental stimulation to prevent your canine from getting bored.

There are also options for house proud owners who are looking to keep their home clear of mud, fur and spillages - step forward the Dust Bust Runner (£8.99), Dirt Buster Scrape Mat (£3.99) and a Washable Pet Feeding Mat (£1.99).

There's also a series of products that will be a treat, including Pet Bowls (£3.99), Treat Tins (£6.99) and Toothbrush Kits (£5.99) to ensure they keep their teeth looking great.

The Pet Essentials collection can be pre-ordered online now and can be purchased in store from Thursday 25th July.