You can now transform a UPVC door for as little as £10

Posted: 24th Jul 2019

Have you got a UPVC door or window that you wish you could transform? Well, good news - you can, for only £10!

Back in the 80's, UPVC was a revolutionary moment within the industry - however, there was a moment where the nation gradually started to lose interest.

It's costly to replace, yet we have some good news for you - there's a simple tactic to try that can provide your home with an instant injection of curb appeal - and the best bit is it only costs £10 to do. Rust-Oleum's Universal All-Surface Paint is an advanced paint and primer in one, and removes any hassle as you can paint directly onto UPVC with it.

Cora Seaman really disliked her brown UPVC door but was unable to justify the cost when it still worked well.

She said: "What I realised that it was possible to paint UPVC, I didn't hesitate to give it a go! I chose Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint in Duck Egg. I absolutely love the result and have saved thousands of pounds."

You can buy the paint from DIY stores, including Homebase and Rawlins, with 250ml available for only £10.