Festive Finds: Sainsburys reindeer head, Wilko's tree bauble and M&S tree ornament

Posted: 4th Dec 2015

It's now December and we're in full-blown Christmas mode! And, as if we ever need an excuse to look at decorations anyway, we're back with some more festive finds for you! To celebrate the fact we're now a mere 3 weeks away from the big day we've gone one step further and gone for THREE decorations this week, which we know you'll love!


To kick things off, we've looking for those little bits we can add to give our tree some extra special sparkle, we've honed in on two tree decorations that will do just that! How about this gorgeous bauble from Wilko. Nothing compares to the beauty of nature, so why not bring some of the great snowy outdoors to your home? And it's a bargain £2 as well!


Next up is this reindeer head, from Sainsbury's. If there's one thing we love, it's decorations that will catch your tree lights and glimmer away; something you can rely on with this piece! The gold glitter will undoubtedly give your tree some real glamour and you'll find it currently on offer, down to £3.


Lastly is Marks & Spencer's silver snowcap tree ornament, a lovely accessory to go on your coffee table or cabinet. Available for £12, Marks & Spencers are currently doing a three for two offer on their Christmas range, this is a great opportunity to get some cool decorations to make your home rule this season!


[Lead photo: reindeer head, £3 at Sainsburys; silver snowcap tree ornament, £12 at Marks & Spencers; frozen encapsulated tree bauble, £2 at Wilko]