Sleep in comfort - and style - with Mammoth's latest range

Posted: 17th Apr 2019

The prospect of the Easter weekend gives us the opportunity to indulge in a much-needed lie in and catch up on some valuable sleep

To make the most of this chance, why not treat yourself to a new mattress? That's where Mammoth comes in.

Thanks to the brand's specially designed Medical Grade™ Foam technology, you're bound to sleep in more comfort than ever, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and full of the joys of spring.

The brand has recently released its Shine mattress collection, which has been designed to meet both the sleep and comfort needs of customers - and as an additional bonus, it also conforms with the latest luxury tailoring requirements too.

With three levels of comfort available (firmer; medium pocket and softer), it has the added advantage of coming with a 10 year guarantee.

It also comes with PostureCell® technology, which means the mattress absorbs the pressure of motion. This makes movement easier and has the benefit of acting as a barrier from any disturbances that a restless partner could otherwise provide.

One reviewee said: "We keep hearing about the importance of getting a good night's sleep, and that's why I decided to try Mammoth's Shine mattress collection."

"I opted for the medium firm mattress, and I've been incredibly impressed! Apart from anything else, I've really been able to notice the difference in my sleep. It's also nice not being disturbed by my partner's tossing and turning every night…!"

You can find out more by visiting - prices start from £899.