The rise of the Easter decoration

Posted: 19th Apr 2019

The approach of Easter has left Brits not only looking forward to a long weekend but is also inspiring many of us to decorate our homes, has reported

The online marketplace reported there has been a huge 72 per cent increase in searches for Easter decorations over the past two years, with Brits doing their bit to create some seasonal vibes for the holiday period.

One of the biggest trends has been the Easter wreath, with a 56 per cent increase in searches over the last two years, as they've become a more common sight on front doors.

The traditional fluffy chick decorations that are typically associated with Easter have been found to be a firm favourite, and are still showing signs of growing in popularity, with online searches growing by nine per cent over the last year.

Chris Gardner, Head of Home and Garden Trading, "We have seen a huge increase in online searches for Easter decorations over the past few years and as the trend inspires more Brits to decorate their homes over the holiday, eBay buyers are leading the trend with a whole range of products suitable for every budget."