4 ways you can use lighting to create maximum impact

Posted: 11th Apr 2019

Are you considering buying some stunning show-stopping lighting for your home?

Well, before you splash out, make sure you're aware of this guide from The Lighting Superstore - it explains all you could need to know about bringing statement lighting into your home...

1. Positive enhancement 

When you're looking at statement lighting, you want to choose a piece that will attract the eye, while also working with your surroundings.

That's where wall lights comes in - they give you a great way of accentuating a particular part of your room. Perhaps there's a feature you're particularly proud of? Well, why not use a wall light to attract attention to it?

Lamps also have the added benefit of injecting your room with a subtle statement look, which is particularly welcome if you lack space for pendant lighting or similar eye-catching pieces.

2. Form and function

If you're looking to use lighting to give your home an air of luxury, don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly unconventional, as unusual shapes and materials move to the fore. Subsequently, the gap between art and functionality is lessening.

If you're after more unusual lighting, look for unique features - these provide a great way to achieve some modern minimalist vibes within your home. Another trend worth trying is sculptural shapes - it's becoming increasingly mainstream.

3. LED magic

We're becoming more knowledgeable about the impact our lifestyles can have on the planet.

Lighting can play a part here - and that's where LEDs comes in. A more environmentally friendly option, LED's also emit less heat and are more cost-efficient too. Pick wisely, safe in the knowledge that your home gets a luxurious piece and it also benefits the environment too - win-win!

4. Floor show

Are you looking to bring some modern vibes into your home? Well, a floor lamp could be worth considering. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it also provides your interiors with additional lighting too, making it ideal for those parts of the house which can seem a bit dingy.

Images courtesy of The Lighting Superstore