Bargain lovers: Aldi's releasing designer lookalike marble tables

Posted: 29th Mar 2019

What better way to start a Friday than with another unmissable release from Aldi?

They've brought their beautiful marble nest tables back - and they're available for pre-order now.

The Marble Nested Tables (£49.99) could be the finishing touch your home needs, thanks to their stylish versatility.

Whether you're after decorative piece for your front room, some on point corner tables, or perhaps something to make your TV dinners that bit easier, they could be the option you need in your life.

Coming with a solid marble top, the tables not only provide you with a great way to bring some marble magic into your home, but as an added bonus, injects your home with some classic chic charm. They also tuck away to give you some easy storage - win-win!

As if that wasn't enough to make them a must-buy, the tables are retailing at an incredibly reasonable price, with the £49.99 a third of the price of the French Connection lookalike (£150).