Lidl now sells 5kg of fruit and veg for only £1.50...

Posted: 27th Mar 2019

How does 5kg of fruit and veg for only £1.50 sound?

That's exactly what Lidl are offering, following the release of their 'Too Good To Waste' fruit and vegetable boxes.

The initiative has been designed to reduce the amount of fruit and veg waste that can occur in store. Now, any slightly damaged, discoloured or deteriorated but still perfectly good to eat products will be grouped together by the discounter's dedicated in-store Freshness Specialists.

Lidl previously conducted a trial last year, which was gradually extended to 122 stores. During this time, the supermarket sold more than 50,000 boxes, and prevented over 250 tonnes of food from going to waste.

Customers will be able to purchase theirs from the opening of the store until midday, when the leftover boxes will go to local good causes thanks to the supermarket’s surplus food redistribution programme, Feed it Back.

Christian Härtnagel, CEO Lidl GB, said: "The really brilliant thing about this initiative is that, not only is it helping to tackle the highly important challenge of food waste, it’s also helping our customers make even more savings. Additionally, it’s a great example of how we, as discounter, can utilise our lean and efficient business model to fulfil our mission to make good, healthy food more affordable and accessible, whilst acting sustainably."