Embrace spring with Wilko's new interiors range

Posted: 19th Mar 2019

With Spring upon us - tomorrow (20th March) marks the first day of the new season, in case you didn't know - it's time to prepare our homes for the warmer months

That's where Wilko's new releases come in. The store has announced four new collections which are perfect for welcoming some brighter vibes into your home.

We take a look at the different ranges here...

1. The Fusion Collection

Warming spiced tones and rich earthy colours come to the fore here, with Eastern-inspired prints and timeless designs providing your home with a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere.

2. The Treasured Collection

Prepare to welcome natural materials into your home. This range is all about worn wood and stone, as it allows you to bring some untouched beauty in. If you're after a cosy look, this is the collection for you, as blush pink, calming greys and contemporary neutrals work with subtle patterns and speckled textures to create a relaxed vibe.

3. The Discovery Collection

As the name suggests, this range is all about bringing the outdoors in, as greens and nature-inspired patterns work together to give you an authentic Mediterranean look. It's a smart way to bring a contemporary twist into your home, as it gives your home a sense of travel.

4. The Newstalgia Collection

When personality meets retro in the modern style - that's what newstalgia promises. Blurring the lines, this collection combines old and new, which is perfect for creating an exciting, functional space.