Aldi's anti-snore pillow is coming back...

Posted: 15th Feb 2019

Are you on the hunt for some new bedding?

This time of year, the evenings are chilly, and the mornings are even colder. In short, being snug in bed has never been more important.

That's why the news that Aldi are releasing a new bargain home bedding collection has been particularly welcome.

The range will also see the Anti-Snore Pillow (£5.99) return, which those with snoring partners will be especially glad to see.

Returning with new and improved specifications, the pillow gently supports and raises the head and neck to keep the airways open. With a 100 per cent cotton cover and s-shaped foam core, it's a great way to have a peaceful night's sleep.

There's also a new Relaxation Pillow, which is also £5.99. It's been designed to soothe neck and shoulder aches and comes with an adjustable height and filling - in short, it's ideal for restless sleepers.

If you want to inject your bedroom with some new vibes, the new printed Duvet Sets could be right up your street. Available in double (£8.99) and king sized (£11.99), they give a brilliant update to bedrooms.

The full range will be available to pre-order from 17th February and can be purchased from 24th.