Four tips to consider when you're choosing your carpet

Posted: 19th Mar 2018

If you're on the hunt for a new carpet, try these four tips to ensure you get the one for you!

1 Although carpets can be bought online, it's often hard to gauge the colour from a screen, and there's no substitute for touch when it comes to assessing the quality.

2 If you're looking for maximum resilience for high traffic areas like the stairs and the hallway, you should go for a denser, tight weave or twist pile, which will spring back quickly when you run your fingers over it. These will be more hard-wearing and subsequently last a lot longer.

3 While woven carpets, including Axminster or Wilton, will be better quality, they only account for 30 per cent of carpet sales. Most people will opt for the tufted finish, which is easier to mass-produce and therefore much more affordable.

4 Finally, don't skimp on cheap underlay, particularly if you live in a flat. A good quality heavy duty underlay will extend the life of your carpet, making a better finish and helping with insulation too.

Feature by Karen Wilson / photos by Katie Lee