Make it Monday: Spring planters

Posted: 17th Apr 2017

Depending on how much space you have plants are a great addition to your entrance. Create a hanging basket, window box or tub planters filled with spring bulbs with this how-to by Selina Lake, which will add colour and a jolly feel. It’s worth the investment, as these planters will keep springing into life each spring, without too much maintenance.

You will need

- Hanging basket, windowbox or any planter with drainage holes
- Flowering spring bulbs, we used tete a tete daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths, crocus and also some trailing ivy
- Grit and drainage material
- Potting compost


1. Check your container has drainage holes at the bottom. If there are none drill your own. Then place drainage material in the bottom of the container, use broken up polystyrene, stones or broken terracotta.

2. Next fill the container with potting compost and mix in a little grit. This will help with the drainage, so the bulbs won’t sit in soggy soil and rot.

3. Arrange your flowering bulb plants in the pot. We used ivy in between the plants to add a trailing look and to pad out the pots with foliage. Plant following the instructions from the label or garden centre (different bulbs like to be planted at different depths). When the flowers begin to fade, cut them at the stem and remove. The leaves can stay until they have turned brown and come away easily.

4. To continue your planters into the summer season, once the bulbs are over, keep the ivy and add some summer bedding plants above the buried bulbs. Nemesia Wisley Vanilla works well and has an amazing scent so is perfect for positioning near your entrance.

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