Make it Monday: Spring Entrance style

Posted: 10th Apr 2017

A beautiful fresh blossom wreath is a great way to decorate your front door and welcome guests into your home for Easter celebrations. Here’s how to recreate this stylish design by Selina Lake.

You will need

Wire wreath frame
Green florist wire
Fresh blossom
String for hanging


1. If your moss is dry you’ll need to dampen it a little so it’s pliable. Attach florist wire to the outer edge of the wreath frame twisting it into place, don’t cut the wire yet as you’ll need to bind it around the wreath to hold the moss in place.

2. Take clumps of moss and push onto the wreath frame, then pad it out. Secure in place by binding the wire around each section until the whole wreath is covered. Cut the wire, and twist back the end.

3. Next cut little stems from your blossom pickings, you could use other flowers if you prefer and extra greenery if you wish. Use what you have available. Push the blossom stalks onto the wreath and through the wire to hold in place. Continue until the whole wreath has been decorated. Finally add some string or ribbon for hanging.

Door credits:
Solidor Ludlow – Anthracite Grey
Flint Beeston Stable Door – Anthracite Grey
Solidor composite doors – For more information call 0808 252 5799.