Make it Monday: revamping your staircase

Posted: 3rd Apr 2017

Do you ever feel that your stairs are looking, well, a bit sorry for themselves? We're talking protruding nails, unwanted holes, and, ultimately, that feeling that they'll never look good. However, this tutorial from Ronseal could transform them for you...

1. Remove all staples and using a nail punch and hammer, punch all nail heads below the surface.

2. Fill any nail holes and cracks with Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler.

3. Thoroughly sand down to remove any loose or flaking paint and vacuum. Paintwork that is in sound condition should be sanded to provide a key. Ensure the wood is clean by wiping with white spirit to remove any dust. Always wear a suitable face mask when sanding to avoid the inhalation of dust.

4. For knotty woods i.e. pine, go over the knots with Ronseal Knot Block Primer and Undercoat. This will stop the resins from knots showing through paint

5. Paint the stairs with the first colour. Three Coats gives the best protection.

6. Accurately measure and mark with faint pencil the band widths required for the second colour

7. Use tape to mask to your pencil guide marks.

Tip: for very accurate thin bands use the appropriate width tape – Tape is available in a number of widths.

8. Paint your second colour between your masked areas.

9. When the final coat is touch dry peel off the tape.

Tutorial courtesy of Ronseal