Duck Tape roses

Posted: 13th Feb 2017

What's better than a real rose - a rose made of Duck Tape, that's what! No dirt, no thorns to deal with, and you don't even have to water it!


You will need
Duck Tape
Cutting board (optional)



1. Cover your straw in green Duck Tape. A recommended way is to roll the straw lengthwise across the Duck Tape with the sticky side up.

Step 1

2. Then, tear or cut several 5cm strips of Duck Tape.

Step 2

3. Fold one edge over itself, sticky side up, leaving some stickiness on the side and bottom.

Step 3

4. Take the parallel edge and fold it over to make a triangle, leaving only the bottom of the strip sticky.

Step 4

5. Roll the petals around the top of the straw.

Step 5

6. Repeat step 5, slightly overlapping the petals and keeping the tips of your petals even. Continue until you've reached the desired size.

Step 6

7. For the leaves under the rose, repeat steps 2-4 with the same colour as the stem. Wrap those pieces around the stem at the base of the flower to cover up the tape edge.

Step 7

Tutorial and images courtesy of Duck Tape