Heart wreaths

Posted: 6th Feb 2017

Go all out this Valentine's Day and create a heart wreath. Hang on your bedroom or front door for an extra sprinkle of love!


Pompom wreath

You will need

Selection of pompoms
Polystyrene heart wreath base


1. Add glue to sections of the polystyrene heart.

2. Add pompoms a few at a time, making sure the glue has time to try

3. Fill the front side of the heart with the pompoms.

4. Leave enough time for the glue to dry and add a ribbon for hanging.


Heart wreaths

Foam wreath

You will need

Foam heart pack
Red card
Tacky glue


1. Begin by drawing around a plate onto a piece of red card with a pencil. This will be your backing for the wreath.

2. Cut out the circle with scissors, then cut another disc out of the centre, so you're left with a ring about 7cm in width all the way around.

3. Arrange your foam hearts on top of the ring of card, until you're happy with the design. We layered up with different sizes and effects.

4. Use tacky glue to stick your hearts in place and leave to dry.

Tutorial and images courtesy of Katherine Smith at Hobbycraft