Create a super-easy flower pot with concrete

Posted: 29th Jun 2015

When you think concrete, does a horrible mental image of a heavy-duty cement mixer immediately rush into view? Well, stop that right now. Concrete is not only really on trend right now, it's ridiculously easy to work with too – which  means that you can get the designer look for a fraction of the cost. Hurrah!

It's at this point that we'll hand you over to Sania Hedengren and Susanna Zacke, authors of Creating with Concrete and Mosaic, who have a gorgeous flower pot project to share.  


Mosaic main


'When we made these small pots with pleats, we were pleasantly surprised by the results. They were perfect; the edge was even and thin and the pleats were razor sharp. The pleated pots we used for our molds were made of the cheapest plastic ones we could find in the grocery store – which is a bonus, along with the fact that you can reuse them.'


You will need:
• Two pleated plastic pots
• Concrete mix, like this one
• Vegetable oil


1 Paint the inside of one pot and the outside of the other with vegetable oil. Mix the concrete according to the instructions. Fill the pot that’s been greased on the inside with concrete, but leave space at the top to allow for the other pot to be pressed inside without spilling over.


Mosaic 1


2 Gently tap the pot against the ground a few times to remove any air bubbles. Press the second pot into the concrete. Gently tap the pots against the ground a few more times.


3 Tape together with two strong bits of tape to ensure the pot stays in place and doesn’t float to the top. Leave the pot to dry for at least 24 hours.


Mosaic 2


4 For the best results, water the concrete once while it's drying by spraying it with some water. Carefully loosen the plastic pots from the concrete. If need be, smooth the edges with some fine sandpaper to make it nice and even.


Mosaic 3


Project from Creating with Concrete and Mosaic (Skyhorse Publishing)